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Monday, October 05, 2009

Mud is a motivator...

Who knew?? LOL. That's my little hitter with one of her best buds from the neighborhood. :)
Sporta had a blast at her football game Saturday. Apparently a muddy field makes tackling people easier - she got in some pretty good hits!! (And I only had to shut my eyes once...)

I don't know who was happier - Sporta or her Dad. But it really was a fine thing to watch... They ended up analyzing college games all afternoon. Heh.

And we are supposed to get even more rain this week. Can't wait to see how *that* works out! I'll just have to get more laundry soap - eh?? And remember to bring an old blanket for her to ride home on in the car... Hey - I never said that *I* liked the mud... ;)