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Monday, February 25, 2008

Everyone should have a red carpet moment...

And courtesy of Harvey and his illustrious and beloved wife TNT, everybody who arrived last night got one. Paparazzi free (darn it)... But a red carpet none the less.

This party just gets better and better every year for me - and I think I watch less and less of the show. It's all good... Teresa and her hubby included us in their whirlwind Midwest tour - and they are having travel issues as I type. I just love that they made the effort to come up!

Steph got off to St. Louis bright and early this morning - a good thing since we are expecting 5 - 8 *more* inches of snow. Oh joy... But hey - that's okay. Party leftovers are the best to be snowed in with. Right?

Of course, given the fact that I actually have leftovers - I have to wonder if everyone had enough to eat... ; ) Okay, maybe not.