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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Now back to our regularly scheduled silliness...

Because I just can't live in depresso-land. Ugh. And who would want to!? Today's Brain Bender is easy schmeasy. Feelin' speedy?? Here we go!!!


What three letter word can be placed in the blanks below to make three different words?
  • PAL ____
  • SURF ____
  • MEN ____


See what I mean? So just for the hellofit I will award bonus points for using the three words in a creative sentence. Have fun! And like always, the answers will appear in the comments later.

Update: Today's very speedy winner and official smartypants is Teresa from Technicalities! Whoohoo! And bonus points go to Roses for this creepy, yet creative sentence:

As she lounged near the pool behind her PALACE, that MENACE of an ex-husband she had secured to the bottom of the pool with an anchor began to SURFACE.

Yeepers! Thanks for playin' y'all...