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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Full Frontal is Coming our Way

...Oh, for heaven's sake -- get your mind out of the gutter........

Today my shoulders aren't just singing Ave Maria -- they're rappin' it.

Bu---bu-duh>> Wiky wiky wiky... Buh---bu-duh.>> Wicky wicky wicky
"I say Ave. (UH) Maria. (UH) Gonna pop dat b*tch when I see huh......." **

And this is why:
Free Image Hosting at See that front headed for Wisconsin? Yup. That's it. The bad news is that I will be poppin' advil like M&M's for awhile. The good news is that the front will knock down some of the heat and humidity around here and we will have nice weather for the weekend. :-) Small price to pay. 'Course, I'm gonna go get some advil now.........

**disclaimer** I'm white (well, more like translucent) and rap isn't my strong suit. :-p But that *is* what it feels like.........