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Friday, July 29, 2005

A war of my own

......and I thought the stump jihad was bad
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Fruit Flies. Icky annoying fruit flies have been the bane of my existence since we got home. Fly strips hung everywhere, all fruit either quarantined or thrown away, and all of us looking like we have some form of clapping turrets syndrome. Not good.

I have been up to my eyeballs and asking everyone for advice. Someone suggested little traps with just a snick of sugar water in them -- I think that just made the little bastards happy. Hubby wanted to nuke the kitchen with bug killer -- tempting, but I would rather not poison us all in the process of ridding the house of the effin' things.

Nothing so far has worked worth a damn until now.... I have found a solution inspired in part by my Nonny's war with mothmillers. I have found the one thing guaranteed to rid your home of the little sumbitches. **THE VACUUM CLEANER** You can actually vacuum the little suckers up! And it kills them! YAY!!!! Just wave the little hose attachment thingy near where they are flying and POOF -- gone. I cannot tell you how very happy this makes me....... :D Once again I can have a fruitful house (minus the smacks and curses).