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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bloggers for Books

...what could be bettter?

Surfing around I found that Army Wife Toddler Mom had a great idea about how to donate our gently used books for a great cause!

I have been in contact with Chris, a librarian at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The need for books is great there. There is no library and no bookstore, and a population of approximately 40,000. I think the closest place to "really shop" might be Rapid City South Dakota.

I have decided to post just 2 of them for now. If you have further inquiries contact me, or go to
Friends of Pine Ridge, and inquire there.Childrens Village is a foster care home that can use kids books appropriate for toddlers through teens.

Ship to:
Children's Village, Inc.
100 Main Street Box 1034 Pine Ridge, SD 57770

Wounded Knee Community Center can use book donations of any type for distribution to the general public adults and children. Novels, nonfiction, kids
books, etc Are all welcome.

Ship to:
Wounded Knee Community Center
P. O. Box 48
Wounded Knee, SD 57794

I certainly hope you find the time to go through those boxes of books. I know it will certainly take me a while. Also do not forget When mailing ask post office for MEDIA RATE!! It is less expensive than regular postage, although I am guessing, you all know that as well.Pass this on, and leave a comment, let me know if you participate. I want to know how many books are being donated. I plan on sending at least 25. My goal for "bloggers" was 300, but I think we can beat that. Would you mind labeling boxes that you send "Bloggers for Books"? Join me in getting good books to good people!!Thanks.


So great! I've got a box or two that I can send.... how about you?? Thanks A.W.T.M!!!