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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Movies I should never see...

And there are a number of them...

28 Days Later - not a good choice for me. I can tell... (and I continue to choose not to see it.)

Salem's Lot - nightmares for months. Ugh.

Murder in the First - oh no.... bad bad imagery that I cannot scrub from my brain.

My Own Private Idaho - we really don't even need to discuss it, do we? Good lord...

And last nights selection??

I Am Legend

Holy crap.

Listening to everybody else say, "Oh - this is a great movie!! A little scary* but great!!" I should have probably followed my instincts that were screaming, "Nooooooooooo!!! Go to your happy place!!!!" But rationalization kicked in and I thought, well hey - Will Smith is easy on the eyes, and I can always *not* look at the screen, right??

Good gray grief.

To be truthful, I probably actually "saw" (as in I was looking at the screen while the movie was on) about 28 whole minutes of the film. And that was enough. At one point I politely excused myself ran/flew like a bat out of hell out of the Man Room up to the kitchen to do dishes for a while. The screaming that I could still hear told me that I had made the right choice there...

Later on in the movie (think dark dark dark scary places ) I know I spent more than a few minutes hiding my eyes and plugging my ears. Then his dog died - that sucked.

So, note to self... It's good for me to stick to movies like Forrest Gump and Harry Potter, The Shawshank Redemption and Armageddon and leave the rabid zombie killing to others.

Oh, and Eric? You should definitely skip this film. I know you would enjoy watching Happy Feet more - and that's saying something...

*A little scary?? Riiiiiiiight. And I am a little blond. Not.