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Monday, April 07, 2008

And then there were three...


And you would not have believed the level of reminiscence attained at my humble abode over the weekend. Good heavens. Check out the hippie action...

Homecoming Spirit Day, senior year. Our motto?? "Smoke 'Em!!" Can you imagine that happening today?? Yeah - me niether. But hey - our parents had all of the clothes... What do you do??

And reminiscence is what happens when three friends from High School get together after 17+ years and there are yearbooks and wine within easy reach. In other words, we had a blast...

Back in the day, we were a foursome - Jen, Jill, Kristi and I - and though Jill has fallen a bit off of our radar, it was still great to be together again after such a long long time.

Post graduation from High School in my little Wyoming town (our class numbered 122 - thankyouverymuch) we all scattered to the winds. Different colleges, different life experiences, different..... well.... EVERYTHING!! Somehow though, we all managed to marry wonderful guys and have families of our own that make us proud (even while rolling our eyes) and lives that we could not have imagined back when those pictures at the top were taken.

Today we are a little older and much much wiser... At least I would hope so.

Kristi, Me and Jen - together again.
So, here's to old friends!! In my head though, I think we will remain 17 for a while longer yet... Just don't tell our kids. ; )