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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hey Obama!!

Oddybobo's got something to say!!
Remember me? I'm one of those small town Pennsylvanians - you know - the bitter ones?

I live in a Pa town of about 497 people. Small enough for you? The surrounding Township has another 500 or so people. Most of us, me included, have carry permits and mini-arsenals at home. Many of us attend church services weekly or at least as often as we are able. A lot of us are anti-illegal immigration, but not for the reasons you suggest.

We don't cling to guns or religion or anti-illegal immigration because we are bitter about job losses. Sure, some are bitter about the dearth of jobs in Western PA, but that bitterness isn't what causes us to cling to guns or religion or anything else. No, if bitterness comes into the equation at all it is because the government, people like Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, and their ilk are constantly suggesting that our guns are bad or religion doesn't have its place in a free society or that we should turn a blind eye to illegal immigration because they have.

Small town Pennsylvanians like many Americans are bitter that the government, and Dems in particular, are continuously chipping away at our freedoms. "No you can't have that handgun because you could get hurt" or "You don't have a say because you are Christian and Christians are bad" or "Your law abiding, self sufficient relative can't come live here in the U.S. lawfully because so many live here unlawfully." Here is my bitterness...

Read the rest - she knocked this one out of the park. You go, Girl!!