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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Okay, so now what??

Right - back to real life for me.

Yesterday I hit the ground running and today is more of the same - I got a house to sell, one to buy and there is that whole joy of moving to look forward too.

Lucky for me, I have a drill Sergeant my mother here to help me get organized. And motivated. Motivated to get organized. And packing.

Packing , packing, packing... With a side of packing sauce...

Mmmmm.... Sauce.... Speaking of sauce - Sam has pictures posted from the weekend extravaganza after some of us had been hittin' the sauce (hey- we were playing poker!) and The Dashman has pics also of some of the yummy goodness that we were treated too. Delish with or with out sauce. Gotta love it!

Anyhoo - I am off to the wilds of the garage. Good Lord - why do we have all of this crap again?? I gotta get my act together so I can try to lure unsuspecting pedestrians in who will want to relieve me of some of this stuff in exchange for a little green.

What am I thinking?? Beats the hell out of me - I'm just following orders at this point...