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Friday, March 02, 2007

Mp3 Listening

As you may know, I am more than a bit of a technotard. I do not cope with new technologies very well.


I use what I know how to use.

I am generally satisfied with what I have.

If I have a route that works well to get me from point A to point B I rarely deviate, unless forced to.

I have absolutely *no* desire to learn how to use new gadgets/systems.


This has caused some strife in my marriage - because I married Mister "lets try the newer faster shinier thing with more memory and we get another remote and you'll love it Honey and I *promise* I won't erase the hard drive again PINKY SWEAR!"

Gives me fits. It does...

But I must admit, I love this whole Mp3 thing.

Love. It.

I have been downloading music (legally, thankyouverymuch), ripping disks into it, and generally just being freeking thrilled that I can wallow in a cloud of my own tunes at any given time.

  • While plodding behind the snow blower
  • scrubbing toilets
  • in the blogroom (while blocking out the screeches of the girls playing a video game) Golden, that...
  • Vacuuming is much more pleasant

You get the idea...

Anyway, all the better is that I have a built in pocket for it to ride around in. Easy access, not obtrusive, wires running where they will not be snagged...

And I wear this "pocket" every day. In fact, I am occasionally motivated to wear "the pocket" just so I can have my little nano sized Mp3 player.

And if you're wondering (or need your own pocket)...

It's my bra.

Quite tasteful, usually - beige, white or black - but my bra none the less.

Finally. This farooking thing has a dual triple purpose.


Makes me happy... (And yes, I know I am easily pleased... )

And just for the record, the left breast "pocket" works best. Just sayin'... ;-) Oooh - and Smooth just came on. Sweet!