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Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Five

It's Friday. It's five am. And I have 50,000 things running through my head.

But just think, by Sunday it will be six am right now - a perfectly reasonable time to be up - when we as a nation do the "stretch time" equivalent of cutting off our own head and standing on it in an attempt to be taller! Yeah!

That makes sense! (not) and I hate it every year. Though I admit to enjoying "falling back" more than "springing forward" even if the whole deal is complete BS.

But I digress...

So it's Friday, and I think just to get the ball rolling (and to calm some of the lists running rampant through the 'ole gray matter) here are five things I plan to do today...

  • Meet with the builder and get a contract squared away on the new house *gasp*

  • Calm down after signing a contract

  • Get the little house (a fab little finished cinder block storage house that I use for crafting in the summer and storage in the winter that I will miss so much!) squared away, organized and ready to be shown

  • Calm down after having a mild panic attack while thinking about moving

  • Have drinks and dinner with our former neighbors who went through all of this in Sept./Oct. and watch them laugh at me...

Yeah - it should be a good day. But just in case - somebody pass the valium, please?