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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Operation Tidy...

Well, the realtor just left.

The good news? She thinks my house is really cute and will sell for the price that we want to ask. Whoohoo!

The bad news? She left me with a bit of a chore list. Nothing unexpected, mind you. But now that I have been told, it *has* to get done. And oh goody - I get to spend some time organizing the garage! Yippee! At least we are supposed to be up in the forties this weekend so maybe I won't freeze to death while I am working out there.

So what's on my TO DO list for the week?
  • re-organize the garage
  • scrub marks off and touch up the walls and moldings
  • re-organize and slick up the basement a bit
  • clean and polish the hardwood floors
  • deconstruct the kitchen - less is more!
  • get the "little house" squared away and looking fabulous
  • breathe
  • don't panic
  • don't get overwhelmed
  • get my hands on St. Joseph to bury*

I admit, I added the last one - burying St. Joe has worked wonders for other folks I know. And I am not unwilling to believe...

The realtor really did mention "breathe" "don't get overwhelmed" and "don't panic" - I think she may have done this before...

So there you go. Bye-bye free time, hello every project I have been meaning to get to but have put off for one reason or another.

Now I just have to figure a way to get the girls on board with not making extra messes and keeping their room in order... What do you think - Bribery? Threats? Chocolate? All of the above?

Buckle up - it's going to be a bumpy ride....