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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Falling Back

I once heard someone compare the daylight saved by ascribing to "Daylight Savings Time" to trying to become taller by cutting off your own head and standing on it. The practice of daylight savings seems pointless anymore but nobody asked me. And I will admit -- I prefer "falling back" to "springing forward" every year.

Maybe we could make "Daylight Savings" (since it is no longer useful) at least amusing -- there could be a national contest, and some sort of prize awarded to "who screwed up the worst because they forgot to change their clocks...." or something. We could get Arizona to judge since they don't play anyway. Or maybe I just haven't had enough caffeine yet..... Hard to tell at this point.

Anyway, as we are all well rested today with our extra hour, be sure to visit the Carnival of the Recipes over at Everything and Nothing. Shawn has done a wonderful job putting a Tricks, Treats, and Eats carnival together. Lot's of yummy stuff to be found over at her place!