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Thursday, January 25, 2007

They think I'm weird...

...I can just tell.

See, I like to help out when I can. I do!

Basically it's *what* I do... Always have. Probably always will. I don't know how to BE in the world any other way.

But some folks think it's weird.

Even the ones that do the same thing themselves...

This week we had a long-time member of our church die. Not entirely unusual, he had been ill for some time and was visibly declining, but still. I got the email from the pastor to see to it that the rest of the "online" congregation heard the news - I'm the Newsletter Editor and I have the email list "ready to go" so to speak.

So no problem, I sent out the word about funeral arrangements. Later I sent out the call for folks to help out with items for a luncheon and reception for the bereaved. No.Big.Deal. Then I made my own call... To donate some bar cookies for the reception and help out with the clean up and what-not after the service.

Coordinator Lady: But Richmond, aren't you already hosting coffee hour on Sunday?

Me: Well, yes - but I'm happy to bring in some cookies too.

C.L. And didn't I see you on the schedule to help out with Monday's community dinner?

Me: Uh huh. And the baby shower St. _____'s is hosting on Sunday as well. I'm happy to help. And there's a LOT going on this week...

C.L. There sure is... And we're glad to have you. Thanks.

Throughout the conversation she just kept sounding more and more surprised - and it's not because doing this kind of stuff is out of the norm for me... I have been available to help out many times in the past. In my mind, it's what people do. Heck, it's what she does too.

It's just this week there is a LOT going on - that's all.

'Course maybe I am weird....

Weird is okay.