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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Reason Number 3,276...

...that I'm glad I am home again full time.

School called not long ago - Sporta's not feeling so hot. So now that I have her snuggled up on the couch with some 7 - Up and a Tom and Jerry cartoon, (What is it about seeing Tom get the $#*! knocked outta him that makes every kid feel better?) I am free to get started on the rest of today's chores. Some (okay, *one*) even worth $$!
  • Laundry (never ending, that...)
  • A Flyer for this gal who has a "goose removal" business. That should be done in an hour or so... $$!!
  • Lemon Bars for Saturday
  • Pictures to hang (they have been leaning against the wall for waaaaay too long.)
  • 368 requests for water, a cuddle, a cool cloth, a small snack, etc... (happy to do that)
  • Re-organization of two pantry cupboards. (A long time coming...)

My big question is what the heck should I charge this woman for putting the flyer together for her? It feels kind of weird asking for anything, but she is insisting that she pay me something for my time.

So whaddya think? Charge her my last hourly rate? A flat fee? A bottle of wine? I'm stumped...