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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas - the day after

And still we have lots to do.

I found out yesterday that the pretty pretty candlesticks that I sent to my sister-in-law all arrived broken. Ack! I just hate that. Me being me, though, I had also purchased a set of them for myself (because I liked them so much) so today I will be mailing them AGAIN.

More bubble wrap! Fragile - please throw underhand written everywhere. And I plan to insure the package. I'll show you USPS, by God... Making my SIL open broken presents. Shame on you...

Nothing was broken around here, yesterday. Well, except for crab legs. But they were more cracked and devoured than broken. Delish!

And I have to admit, for all of the ribbing I gave WxMan for wanting this game, "It's for the girls, honest!" it is really pretty freeking fun! I just can never ever ever physically see myself playing.


Who would have ever thought I would enjoy rocking out to "Shout at the Devil" with my kids?? At least they are getting a nice firm rock foundation built in early, with the classics no less... Heh.

Anyhoo, the good news today it that the odds of my hearing the girls say "Mom...... I"m bored..." are pretty much slim and none. Especially since I have my friend Roses boys here for the day.

It will be interesting, of that I am sure.

Party on!