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Monday, February 13, 2006

Hit the ground runnin'

That's me today. And ironically, in spite of all of my prep for the week yesterday, I am still behind. If this keeps up I may have to clone me....

I am helping with the girls' Valentines Day parties tomorrow at school which means I have 2 meat and cheese platters to put together** and brownies to make. At 3:00 on Mondays I go in and read with the third graders, Taylor has a Vet appointment at 4:oo, I made the big grocery run on my way home from work, probably 5 loads of laundry to fold and then dinner to make. And I still want to watch Grey's Anatomy! (That may just have to wait.....)

Also, I still have the tenderloin to trim, and I picked up the stuff to make chicken enchiladas (they have been sounding oh so good lately...) so I figure if I play my cards right and work my ass off today and tomorrow, I can take Wednesday afternoon off. (yeah, right. I have probably just guaranteed that somebody is going to get the pukin' flu just by thinking that....)

How the heck do you mom's with full time jobs do this?? Anyway, I'm runnin'.....

**The meat and cheese platters has to be a Wisconsin thing. They have 'em for every class party. And you should see these kids tear through the summer sausage! Cracks me up!