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Thursday, February 09, 2006

So how was your day?

Mine?? Not so bad. I picked up a whole beef tenderloin today for $3.99/lb! Whoohoo! I have a feeling there will be Filet Mignon and the Opening Ceremonies tomorrow night. I just have to trim the tenderloin and cut the steaks. Yummy!!

Down side -- I split a nail today. Now, before I get scoffed at for the whole girly "I broke a naaaaail" thing, I'm not talking about a break. It's a split. Right down into the nail bed. So great. I am going to have to try and keep the whole deal taped together long enough for the nail to grow out and the nail bed to heal so I can fix it. #*&%ing wonderful. 'Cuz I don't have to work with my hands or anything..... [sarcasm]

Got my ass kinda handed to me on the job today. I think they may be testing my mettle. Well, that's just wonderful. At least the time went by quickly and I didn't screw up too much. That is a bonus. I know that I will feel soooooooooo much better about this whole "working thing" once I actually receive a paycheck. Right now, it feels all for naught. And tomorrow with a split nail! Oh joy....

On the up side, I got youngest her Birthday present today. A. turns 8 on Saturday -- what a deal. She was born in Livingston, Montana and we have lived in many, many places since then. We have a nice "family day" planned for Saturday. Her party (with a few friends from school) will be next weekend. (Crap! I just remembered that I have to get the invitations put together and printed off tonight......... Arrrgh!)

Okay, I am off to watch Survivor (recorded) with Hubby, fold load of clothes 8.0 and get squared away for tomorrow. (4am comes early, people!) And what's on tap for tomorrow? Well I have many phone calls to make to coordinate Valentine's day parties with the girls classes (I have yet to give up my "room mom" status), I have the aforementioned tenderloin to trim (Hey, at least dinner is planned...) , a birthday cake to make (or buy -- I am leaning toward the buy option), Youngest has her 2nd grade program (please let her remember to brush her hair tomorrow...) and a bajillion stickynotes to write (I have to work tomorrow). Lord only knows if the family is helped by them but they make me feel better, and hey, that's something.....

Anyway, see you tomorrow. What's on your agenda?