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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Last Day of Summer

...well, for us anyway.

School starts tomorrow. (Can I get a resounding "Yay!"??) So today will be spent rounding up and labeling the supplies (purchased a month ago), laying out clothes, and prepping back packs.

I promised A. that we could go out for Chinese food to celebrate, so lunch is all planned. (And when you're me, and sick to death of planning 3 meals a day -- that's a mini vacation all unto itself). We may have to buy new shoes too. Always fun.

I get my stitches removed today as well. This means that I can finally stop showering with a bread bag on my hand. Whoohoo! (Apologies to the bread bag shower lovers out there -- it just doesn't do anything for me.)

Then we're off to the Open House at school. Meet the teachers, drop off supplies, and *my* vacation time starts about 24 hours from now. Seven hours of quiet (!! in a row!!) if I so desire. Mmmmmmm.... quiet.