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Thursday, February 04, 2010


How in the world did it get to be February already?!?!


So let's see. What's going on... Well, work continues to go well for me - thank God. I just have a few more tweaks to make with my weekly routines to make sure I can get everything done and not feel like I am running uphill on roller skates all the time. (Note - you fall down a LOT. It sucks.)

Sporta turns 12 next week. Holy cow. And she is sporting a new look - the four eyed kind. I think she looks really great in her new specs. We found out at the eye appt. that she is one of the few people in the world (less than 1% of the world population according to the doc) that has a birth mark on the lens of her right eye. It's called a Mittendorf's Dot - she thinks that is pretty dang cool. I do too...

Otherwise things are rocking along pretty fine here - in most ways. I wish I had more time to dink around and read (I have 3 books that I am dying to dive into) but oh well. Such is life.

And yesterday was sunny - after weeks of gray gray gray - that was nice. So I am boring. But then again - boring can be good, right?