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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

But they're HAPPY skulls!

Only in *my* house - swear to God...

Computa has entered into a bit of a "wear funky tee shirts, paint your fingernails bizarre colors, do odd things to your hair" indie stage. She's twelve and while it all remains fairly benign, I am going with the flow at this point.

My folks are here for a bit, having done some follow up at the Mayo Clinic, and the following conversation happened out on the patio the other day...

Grandy: "Computa! That is such a darling shirt! I just love it!! The designs are so cheerful!"

Computa: *blink* "Uh - thanks."

Me: "Mom - those are skulls."

Grandy: "Skulls? No they're not..."

Me: "Really, Mom - they are. Look - skulls."

Grandy: "Well, they're happy skulls. I like them."

Computa and I simultaneously *blink*.

And then I started to laugh...

Happy skulls - who would have ever thought. So here you go - you tell me. Do they look happy to you??