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Monday, April 20, 2009

What do you mean God didn't invent blow dryers??

As you all know - we are merging onto the hormone super highway around here... This is going to be a big ball of fun - I can tell already. The eye rolls are an indicator, I suspect.

Take the other day - Sporta was complaining about her new (and I think totally cute) haircut.

"Moooooom - I hate my hair cut! It dries funny so one side flips under and the other side flips up! It looks stupid!"

"Well, just go use my blow dryer next time you get out of the bath and dry it the way you want... That's why God invented blow dryers - to save us from stupid hair."

Sporta just looked at me.

"Jeez Mom - God did NOT invent blow dryers. He's GOD! He's got more important things to do!"

"Yeah well - think of all of the women He was hearing from on a daily basis - 'Oh God, what can I do with my stupid hair!!' or 'God help me, I have a date tonight! And my hair!!' He probably got soooo sick of hearing those prayers he purposefully tapped some other guy to invent the blow dryer. Six of one - half a dozen of the other if you ask me..."

Rendered Sporta speechless, it did - and these days that's saying something...

You 'spoze eye rolling on that scale can cause any permanent damage?? Or do the hormones kick in and save the day?? It might be interesting to test the theory if nothing else... Heh.