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Thursday, April 02, 2009

And the Monday just keeps on rolling...

Good gray grief. What the hell did I do??

This week is ever so thankfully winding it's way down... I swear - it's been freeking Monday in every sense of the word Monday... Enough to make you start looking over our shoulder to as too see what's coming up next!

The good news?? The @#$%#$%#^ church newsletter got done. (And we all know how much I enjoy putting them together...) The bad news?? Along with the newsletter I have to get all of the worship booklets for Holy Week done. So all told - I figure that's about 12 hours of my life I will never get back. Do you think it would be *wrong* to pray for the Big Guy to make the copier work faster??

In other news, at Sporta's school they are studying Health and Human Development this week. You remember the drill - they separate the boys and the girls and everybody gets the 411 on basic puberty (usually with an embarrasing movie). Those lessons always makes for some discomfort and general teasing amongst the kids but one little boy shit has taken things to a whole 'nuther level. "Hey Sporta!" He likes to shout out (on the playground no less), "Why don't you come give me a Blow Job?!?"

Good gray grief. To say that I was horrified when I learned of this behavior doesn't even come close. And the story was confirmed by Sporta's best buddy in the neighborhood and study partner Conan. The good news is that the kid that been doing the shout outs on the playground lives here in the neighborhood too. So I am going to be having a chat with his Mom about this in the not too distant future - I can guarangottdamntee that. In fact, after a chat with Conan's Mom about the situation (she lives next door to the little shit lewd kid and actually *knows* his Mom).
I expect a call later today.


WxMan has been down in the back - but he is *finally* going to go see a chiropractor today so maybe his mood will improve. I certainly hope so...

And me? Thursday is my day to clean house. This post is my reward for scubbing toilets. I feel so special.

Okay - back into the fray for me. Here's hoping that your Thursday is Monday free!