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Monday, April 06, 2009

I am determined...

That *this* is going to be a better week. I have decided and so it shall be so. That's it.

So to get things rolling in that direction - check out my spoils from the whatever the heck I can't remember Book Sale that I got drug to went to weekend before last....

(click to embiggen)
Some of the books I have read before, and just wanted them back in my library. Some are by authors that I like or have been recommended to me over the years. And some just caught my eye! So I need to thank the illustrious TNT for making me suggesting I go - she was absolutely right! And I got to spend a little time with Mr. Bad Example too - always a bonus.

In other news, I received my copy of this book the other day...

It has been recommended to me by everybody and their brother and it is high time I read it, I think. Though I realize that it wont be nearly as fun of a read as say - Twilight. (Don't judge me - I like crap like that.)

So in my mind, this is all good news! I have plenty of newish books to keep me entertained and zero time to read them!

Oh wait - that's not such good news... Hmmm... I might have to shake the bugs outta this new plan of mine.

Happy Monday!