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Friday, January 30, 2009

Well, that went...


So I was offered and accepted a new job!! The position will allow me to continue working part time for my current employer* (and keep my little client lady) and will hopefully afford me some great opportunities to grow in a career doing something that I love to do!!

What is it??

A chef's position at an assisted living facility!! Kind of a Country Club environment, really. And the head chef that hired me is a super nice, high energy guy who has revitalized their entire system. It's great! Everything (almost) made from scratch - and as he put it "The kitchen is the heart of every home, and above all we want this kitchen to be that here... We come in and have fun every day!! And we serve delicious meals too! What could be better?"

Exactly. Sounds good to me. The kitchen is my happy place after all - and you let me make suggestions and assist with menu planning?? Whoa nellie.... I am IN! And there are some pretty major advancement opportunities to be had as well!!

Seriously - this is a GREAT fit for me. And he was totally willing to work with me around family commitments... How cool is that?? Also - these folks like to eat WELL... No skimpy flavorless over processed dreck for them. Awesome...

Also - and honestly this made me feel really good - he mentioned that all of my references (including present and past employers) told him that if he didn't offer me the job and get me to accept before I left the building he was crazy... Wow. That's pretty nice.

I guess at least somebody likes me. ;)

So I am excited... Really really excited. And quite happy about this. And it's Friday to boot! Just doesn't get any better...

*I currently provide elder care - so it seems like a no brainer to be happy about a job that combines my two stregnths, cooking and caring for seniors!