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Friday, March 07, 2008

Adventures in the Man Room

Otherwise known as, "What we do to fill those long winter nights..."


We have friends over, of course!

What?? You were thinking of something else?? Heh.

Anyway, last night we had some friends over for fun, food, and a project. They have two girls close in age to Computa and Sporta - so there is always much squealing and singing. And running, and giggling, and at some point there is usually a "show" - it's all good.

I made panninis for dinner - roast beef, grilled pepers and provalone au jus for the grownups, ham and cheese for the kids. (No jus please - just pickles). And then the boys (after a quick trip to Home Depot for proper anchors) completed the "project."

We have had this pub table down in the man room since it's inception just waiting to find a wall. The thing is, that sucker is solid walnut and HEAVY. I was a bit intimidated to even *try* to wall mount it, to be honest. But that's the nice thing about having friends who have a level of expertise concerning these matters - AND who are willing to work for food.

I love the way it looks. And maybe this will reduce the number of blue smudges I will have to clean off of the walls! Not the ceiling, of course. WxMan still has to get his Color of Money groove on once in a while... But saving the walls will be nice.

Oh - and check out the coasters...

That's the ticket. Maybe we should start pool league night... Rich's Bar is clean, comfortable and they serve a great sandwich there, I hear.