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Thursday, February 14, 2008


The husband woke me this morning at 5am. Usually, the conversation goes something like this...

WxMan: "Hey, Babe?? Honey?? You up??"

Me: "Nnnnnmmmmf??"

WxMan: "Hey - sorry to wake you, but could you take a look at something?"

Me: "Seriously?? Uh... I guess..." ::opens one eye - tries to focus::

WxMan: ::turning on light:: "Does this shirt go with these pants??"

Me: ::wincing away from the light:: "Dude, it's a blue shirt and khaki pants..."

WxMan: "Yeah - do they go together??"

Me: "It's a blue shirt and khaki pants - of course it goes..." ::closes eye::

WxMan: "Are you sure?? I mean..."

Me: "YES. It goes. And believe me, at 5am nobody cares except for your loving and patient wife. You have 90% of the population beat already just by having clothes ON. You look fine..."

WxMan: "Okay, thanks." ::turns off light (thank God):: Love ya."

Me: "Nnnnnmmmmf"


Fast forward to this morning...

WxMan: ::quietly:: Hey Babe?? Happy Valentine's Day - I got you a card... Love you. See you tonight."

Me: "MMmmmm??? Oh! Love you too. Have a good day."


Here's hoping your Valentine's day is off to a good start as well... Gotta love it.

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