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Thursday, January 10, 2008


That's what's on tap for me today.

Now that all of the Christmas is put away, I want to get storage areas organized and FUNCTIONAL. It makes me absolutely batty to not be able to find things immediately upon needing then. I have been told that it is something to behold when I am in "the zone" and looking for something important. (Even if it is only important to me.)

So I plan to tackle the "closet of doom" today along with the hall closet (where we actually hang coats). Soon to follow will be:
  • The Master Closet - it is in *serious* need of an overhaul
  • The guest room closet - where all of the extra office stuff got shoved when we moved
  • The kitchen cabinets - I am *still* not happy with placement there
  • Every single bookshelf in this house - things just need to be in their proper place
  • The storage room in the basement is in pretty good shape - but could still use some work
  • The Garage. Holy crap - that's going to be a weekend. But I will wait until it is warm out
Maybe I should take pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I have a few of those I need to find homes for. I managed to get some unframed artwork framed yesterday and I am well pleased with the results. I have the perfect spot for this one...

It's going to hang in the kitchen.

It's this one that I am struggling to find placement for...

It's beautiful and I just love it. I want to ensure that it is placed somewhere where it can be most enjoyed. Hmmm...

I am sure something will come to me. There's got to be a spot...

Anyhoo, I am off. If you don't hear from me in the next day or two please send someone to the closet of doom to pull me out. I am probably wedged between the vacuum and the dog food. Thanks.