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Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Day of the Year.

A time to reflect... And make plans for the future. To consider where we have been and where we are going. To take stock of our lives, goals and relationships....


Ha!! That sounds like waaaaaay too much work. Not to mention the hideous level of navel gazing involved. Screw that.

Papa and WxMan made a surprise decision last night to take the girls up to the Kalahari Indoor Waterpark today. I just got them all packed up and out the door - they should come home nothing short of exhausted. And that's fine by me....

Otherwise, my plan is to watch Harry Potter 5 this afternoon. (Again, I know - but a friend of mine hasn't seen it. And that's a cryin' shame...)

And tonight will be a quiet evening with some yummy snacks thrown in. Yay!

I am going to make Wontons ala Christina, Mom's making bacon wrapped water chestnuts that are just heavenly... And we are steaming some artichokes and Jonah crab claws to serve with drawn butter. Mmmmmm.... And maybe a Tiramisu. The rest of the menu will sort itself out, I am sure.

So on to this years resolutions! Whoohoo! In addition to me resolving to visit a tropical paradise, here's what we got this year....

Your New Year's Resolutions

1) Get a pet monkey

2) Eat less tuna

3) Travel to Spain

4) Study animal behavior

5) Get in shape with bowling

Alrighty then. I think the monkey thing might take some work, or at least a permit. And the poo flinging is a definite turn off. Maybe a stuffed monkey would suffice.

As for traveling to Spain - I think I could visit another Spanish speaking country and that would count. Right??

Get in shape with bowling?? Well, okay - living in Wisconsin means that there is a bowling alley on every corner. And they serve adult beverages there - so that sounds like a win-win exercise program to me!

So, while I try to locate my bowling bag [What bowling bag?? -Ed.] I will simply wish you a Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year. With fewer poo flinging monkeys!

2008 - here we come... Brace yourselves...