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Thursday, January 03, 2008

For lack of anything else to blog...

More cute Doggie pictures!

You can almost hear her sigh, can't you??

Jeez Mom - do you HAVE to put stuff on my head??
And little Miss Molly didn't escape the "fun" either. Heh...

I am the cutest EVAH!
And doesn't she look like the Grinch's puppy?? I think so... Both puppies went to the groomer today, so they even smell good! It freaked Ms. Molly out a bit to be put in a crate and left with a stranger so she is sticking to me like glue this afternoon.

But never have I seen a dog so ecstatic to come HOME. I think she gets it now - she's a keeper. (So long as I can occasionally put silly things on her head and take her picture, of course.)

Like I said - not much going on today. And really?? That's okay.