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Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

And the only thing I am buying today is this guy's CD.

And I am making my purchase from the comfort of my home - right here at the computer. Bonus!

WxMan works in a retail environment, so I am sure he will have a few stories to tell when he gets home here in a bit. He is working the 2 to 2 shift today, ready to serve those folks who camped out in line in the snow, to be the first to get... Well, in FIRST. That is seemingly the goal.

I don't get it. Never have... And just between you and me?? It's fricking COLD out!

So I have had my leftover turkey sandwich (now for breakfast!) and I am ready to start my day. A little decorating for Christmas, and finishing up my prep for tomorrow. We have discovered that WxMan's employees are much happier campers when fed, so I will be bringing in lunch. For 225.

Hmmmm.... I should probably get busy. Happy Friday!