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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Snow may be in the forecast...


And we may have already had a hard freeze.

But last Sunday we were here.

So I have decided that it's still fall...

(Much in the same way I have decided that chocolate has zero calories on certain days...)

A week ago we spent a perfect Sunday afternoon at the apple orchard / pumpkin patch. It was 72 degrees and sunny, the wasps were nowhere to be seen, and they had donuts and wine there!

How can you not have a good day with cider donuts and apple wine???


And getting to enjoy the day with your Papa in tow is even better.

Big bouncy slides to go hurtling down at Mach 3, candy apples, wagon rides, cider, apple pies, bright sunshine and crunchy leaves.

And donuts - did I mention the cider donuts?? Holy crap, they were good...

Oh, and goofy photo-ops. Gotta love that too.

So like I said, (snow and frost be damned) I have decided it's still fall.

I am just not ready to be done yet...