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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My momma always said...

...that miracles happen every day.

Some people don't think so, but they DO!
(Yes, that line is from here...)

Today, I experienced my own little miracle first hand. Goes to show that not only am I easy to please these days, but I still find tremendous pleasure in even the smallest things...

The light came on in the clothes dryer today.

A light.

A light inside the clothes dryer.

A light that illuminates the inside of the dryer when the door is opened.

I didn't even know that the dryer *had* a light! I've only had the thing five previously dark years....

I really, really like that it has a light.


And yes ~ I realize that I am marked truly as a Mom that sh*t like this makes me so happy...

I have a light in my dryer.

Light is good.