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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sleep?? We don't need no steenking sleep!!!


Good grief.

Why do I forget this?? It's the damnedest thing. You know to expect some sleepless nights when your kids are little. Nightmares, teething, colic, illness, or just their little biorhythms get outta whack. It happens.

But what nobody tells you is that sleepless nights don't just "go away" when they little ones hit school age. They simply become more inconvenient because now, we can't just take a day at whim to recover. Mom's and Dad's have to go to work. And kids.... well, hello! There's school.

Computa (Eldest) came home early from school yesterday. She didn't feel well - achy, headache, cold, just generally blah. (I know, I know - so much for my quiet afternoon, eh?) And as the evening progressed, so did she. Just feeling crappier.

But would she lay down and get comfortable and try to sleep? Well sure! for twenty minutes or so. And then she would feel the need to be near us to flap her arms and moan, poor thing.

No amount of soothing would really help. 7-up, advil, a cool cloth, rubbing her back until she would sleep... None of my usual tricks were very effective.

All. Night. Long.

Now granted, I did not get up with here every single time she came in last night to tell me that she was not feeling any better. More like twice. (And at 2:33am Sporta joined in to the festivities. Why? I have no idea.)

But I know for a fact that my eyes have been open at least once every hour since 11pm and I finally gave it up and just got up at quarter to four.

Right now?

Everybody's sleeping. (Of course.)

Me?? I'll be caffeineating instead for a while. And hoping that this show was for one night only.