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Saturday, September 02, 2006


Tagged by Rachel from Pereiraville - the BOOK Meme.

Now keep in mind I read strictly for pleasure, so odds are you will not see any literary "greats" on my list. Just crap that I like. And yes, I was an English Major - so sue me...

1. A book that changed my life:

Like a total turnaround?? Hmmm... I can't really think of one.

2. A book I have read more than once:

Oh boy. There are a bunch of these... The Stand (and it seems like I catch the sniffles every time), Odd Thomas, The Harry Potter series, The Godfather.

3. A book I would take to a desert island:

The Godfather, or any one of the Harry Potter books... But I really liked RSM's answer to this one. What he said.

4. A book that made me laugh:

Lately? Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich. I was laughing so hard (shaking silently) in the dentist's office that one of the techs caught me before I left because they *all* wanted to know what I had been reading. Heh.

5. A book that made me cry:

Odd Thomas (I didn't even see it coming...), Harry Potter 6, A Child Called "It" - One Child's Courage to Survive, Where the Red Fern Grows.

6. A book I wish had been written:

Ditto what Rachel said. I would like to get published one day. I have two in the works, but very little time to dedicate to either. Ah well...

7. A book that should have never been written:

"My Presidential Memoirs" by John Kerry - Oh wait.... I don't have to worry about that one... Whew!

8. A book I am currently reading:

Cross Bones by Kathy Reichs

9. A book I am planning to read:

Wicked by Gregory Maguire and Fear Nothing by Dean Koontz

10. Five people I will send these questions to:

I don't feel like being a tagger today - but feel free to steal this meme. It's a fun one!