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Friday, March 10, 2006


Yay Friday! And I did not feel like rolling out of bed this morning. Ahh well, tomorrow I can sleep in -- until like 7! Whoo!

It is supposed to be unseasonably warm here today. Making it hard to strike that balance between the feelings of "Yay! Spring is on the way!" and "Holy crap! I live in the middle of a swamp!!! Do you suppose we could laminate the dogs this year?"

But warm and sunny is nothing to sneer at after months of icy grayness. I know. I'm trying.

Couldn't even find a funny joke I wanted to post this morning, so you'll just have to settle for me wishing you a good day. Anybody have big plans? After the Spring Fling/Sock Hop extravaganza tonight we got nothin'. Just a weekend of puttering and catching up.... My favorite. (Well, except when we have plans...) Happy Friday!