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Friday, February 24, 2006

Does it have to be a frickin' Conference?

Now yesterday, That 1 Guy took us all with him on his visit to the porcelain throne. Not really my thing, but hey -- to each their own. (And I believe he as achieved a whole new level of "crapblogging.")

But in my world, I am continually astonished at the girls desire to visit with me while I am answering a call to nature. I mean, could I just go to the bathroom by myself? Why is the concept of "privacy" so hard to understand??

The girls are no longer toddlers -- I expected and accepted the absolute absence of personal privacy when they were little. But they are 8 and 9 now! And really there is no need to come running into the bathroom in tandem so we can have this conversation...

[K & A busting into the bathroom 25 minutes ago. K has a crayon drawing and is holding the digital camera... A is carrying the phone, a backpack and a sewing kit. None of this is looking like anything I want in a bathroom with me....]

A & K: " Moooooooooooommmmmmmm!!! "
Youngest: "Mom! can I call Bella??"
Oldest: " I need to take a picture of my drawing for my website...

Me: "Um... privacy, please...."

Youngest: " Hey, I'm talking to Mom -- can I call Bella and find out when I am supposed to be as her house?? And where are my favorite jeans that have the lines on them I need them for tomorrow?? And can you sew up Scruffy for me? He wants to go too..."
Oldest: ::Steps closer:: "I really, really want to take a picture of my drawing for my website. Can I??? Pleeeeeease???"

Me: GIRLS! Privacy, please!"

Youngest: "K, Mom has to do my stuff first 'cuz I have to go soon... Right, Mom? Can I call now and see when we are supposed to be there?? I am all ready to go... promise!
Oldest: "But Moooommmmmm, it will only take a minute to take a picture..... Can't I please??


K to A as they leave the bathroom: "Jeez, what's got her so upset?
A: " I have no idea..."

Me: *sigh*