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Saturday, December 03, 2005

I got my room back!

And no, I am not talking about my bedroom.

The one room in the house that I call my own is the kitchen. It is the one place that I feel absolutely confident and comfortable and there I can always make things right with the world. It is my sanctuary, and though it is small and imperfect, it is the one space where I truly feel at my best and where I go to seek peace and restore my sanity. (Such as it is....) The kitchen is my room -- my favorite place in the house.

Right after we moved in I picked out the color (well, admittedly my Mother helped after my idea to paint the kitchen a "nice warm terra cotta" turned out "Denver Bronco Orange" -- Whoops! Now it is a lovely shade of garnet/ tomato bisque). And in it I have many things that make me feel happy just looking at them... For example, hanging on the wall near the stove is the little red gingham apron my Nonny made for me when I was a little girl (white ric-rac and everything!). On a shelf nearby is her biscuit cutter/donut maker.

There are Chili Pepper Christmas lights strung where curtains should probably be. And the windows are filled with all kinds of pretty glass baubles and things to catch the light as well as many fun things the girls have made for me in "art." It's a menagerie of doo-dads that cast rainbow hues in the afternoon sunlight and make me smile.

Tacky? Maybe. But I don't care. My only real gripe has been the size of the refrigerator. Less than 60 inches tall and wedged in under custom cabinetry it has been the pebble in my shoe the past two years. Too small to do the job that I need it to do. No place to put a bigger one. Until this week that is... We have been doing some much needed remodeling -- and I was surprised as how disconcerting it was to have my "space" over taken. (Even when they were much needed improvements that were my idea to begin with!)

Because I can, I've got pictures.

At any rate, I got my Room back today. And I love it. I may never leave!