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Monday, November 28, 2005

Remodeling destruction + construction. Equaling giant mess, probable headache, but hopefully a desired outcome.

That's what's on tap for me this week. Going to do some demolition and recreation in the kitchen, give the "weird little pink bathroom" a facelift (and a new color), and try to make the "closet of DOOM" more closet and less DOOM.

One of the benefits in living in a house that is 111 years old is all of the "character" your house can have. The down sides of having "character" are wonky walls, weird little nooks and crannies and many parts of the house having been built for folks that were a *bit* smaller in stature.

My folks are going to be here visiting for the next couple of weeks and they love the whole "doing projects" parts of their visits. (They have lived in their house in Wyoming for 30+ years so basically there are no new projects to be done there.) They are here to play with grandkids too, of course. But my Dad would go bonkers just waiting for school to get out so we started the project list months ago. And if the kitchen cabinet re-do goes as planned I can have a refridgerator that is *more* than 5 feet tall! The "dwarf" fridge I have had to make do with has been making me crazy since we got here -- and it has become apparent that I will ground zero for family dinners/holidays so it is in my interest to make this place sea worthy, so to speak.

Should be fun.... well, maybe......Maybe?? Aw, hell. At least there will still be cocktails and blog fodder, and pictures. Right?