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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Scaring the crap outta my OWN self...

Jeez -- it just dawned on me that the curtains were open on the window next to me while I sit here and surf. Day time, no big deal -- primo squirrel watchin' and patch-o-sun baskin'. It's nice!

Nighttime?? Not so friendly. Hubby is working late and as I locked up I couldn't help but think about how paranoid I get listening to every creak and pop of this old house. I sat down to cruise the internet for a few minutes and felt the prickles across the back of my neck. Window -- dark, dark window. And as I reached over to close the curtain all I could think about was what the hell I would do if a fist came through that window and grabbed my wrist. Then all I could so was envision a putrid half rotted hand with a vise like grip doing just that... Great, way to go imagination!

Now I'm looking over my shoulder thinking about turning on more lights. Shit. I think I'll pour a glass of wine, check the doors and see if I can't get a freekin' grip on myself.... Good grief.