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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hitting the Road

...fortunately not in a forced evacuation
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usWatching the weather unfold down South I am *very* glad to be headed West! The kids and dogs and I are off on a road trip to Wyoming. (Hubby, darn it all, has to work which is a bummer. New Company = limited vacation time. Oh well.) I will be glad to spend some time in the mountains -- it has been two years since I have been anywhere near the Rockies....

My hometown (where my folks still live) is not that far from Yellowstone National Park so I hope to take the girls on a day trip through "The Park" as it's called around there. You know, see Old Faithful and maybe dink around Yellowstone Lake. Take a picture of a buffalo and maybe see some elk. Take them to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center and have lunch at the Irma Hotel. Cody, Wyo. has all kinds of fun touristy western stuff to do that the kids will enjoy. I hope they still do anyway. Western kitch can be pretty cool when you're 7 and 8. Of course, I am anticipating *this* conversation:

K: So Mommy? What's gonna happen?
Me: Well, once the geyser has built up sufficient pressure it is going to erupt and blow hot water and steam waaay up high into the air.
K: Hmmmm kay. When?
Me: In about 9 more minutes.....
**fidgiting and scuffing around in the dirt**
A: What are we waiting for again?
Me: Well sweetie, like I just explained to your sister the geyser is going to erupt and blow a whole bunch of hot water and steam way high into the air! It will be cool!
A: What does "erupt" mean?
Me: Um, erupt means to blow stuff way up high in the air. Like I said! You'll see. Only 8 more minutes to go now.
A: I have to go to the bathroom......
Me: I am sure you can hold it -- we only have about 7 minutes to wait.
K: Can I have ice cream?
Me: No, not right now. Maybe after Old Faithful goes off..... (looking at watch)
A: I want ice cream too. Do you think they will have dippin' dots here? I want mint chocolate dippin' dots!
Me: We will have so see about ice cream after we see Old Faithful.
A: Mommy I really have to go!
K: Yeah, I have to go to the bathroom too........ I think it's an emergency!
Me: *sigh* Oh, all right. Let's go. We'll come back for the next eruption..........
K&A: Mommy? Can we have ice cream while we wait????

Hopefully I'll get lucky................

Speaking of the girls, my mother is just dying to "show them off" -- I hope the experience won't scar or spoil them too much.

I am going to get to spend a weekend (sans kids) with Uncle Ben. Things should work out pretty well with his treatment schedule and it will be great to spend some time with him. My brother is flying in from Phoenix to join us too so as long as the 'to and from' the airport logistics hold together a good time should be had. One can hope anyway.

I am hoping to be able to post about our adventures as we have them but nothing is certain. I am unsure what kind of computer/internet access I will have so we'll see. If nothing else I hope to take some good pictures to share later. So One For the Road is hittin' the road. Wish me luck!