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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Packages sent - knuckles cracked...

...'tis the season to be sure!

So at least I am beginning to catch up with myself... Now there are just cards to send and umpteen *more* batches of treats to be made -for local friends (I am looking at you Dave...) ; ) And that's okay...

At least round one (the sending) is done. And that is something to celebrate.

Also - a "Please Mom - I NEED a Santa hat for tomorrow!! It's pajama day!!" request was filled in fairly short order. (Side note: Yeah riiiiiight - because you wear a pointy red and white tufted hat to bed every night. Totally need the Santa hat for pajama day...) Got it.

Snark in check - for now at least.

Watched the Muppet Christmas special tonight - new! And cute!! And maybe the Christmas spirit will find me at last... One can hope, if nothing else...

Hey Santa? Could I get a "self driving" snowblower please?? That would be great.... 8 - 12 inches expected tomorrow - you know?? K. Thx.