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Thursday, December 04, 2008

And now for the daily adrenaline rush......

Alternate title: Holy crap - I am a dumbass!!

Just as I got home today pulling into the garage I was formulating my plan to unload groceries. I parked, shut off my car, and looked over to grab my purse.

No purse.

Got out to see if I had put it in the back of my rig with the groceries....

No purse.


Fortunately, I live pretty close to the store so I knew I could be back there in short order. So I scrambled back to Wally World to see if it was maybe still in the cart...

No purse.


So I ran into the store, cut through the customer service line and got right in front of this bored looking CS gal. "Excuse me? Did someone just turn in a red purse in the style of a small back pack??"

Blank. Stare.


And then she motioned to another chicky and said - "She's here - will you get it?"

WHEW!! And all of the other folks in the Customer Service line celebrated with me...

They had it locked up. THANK GOD!! And nothing missing!

'Course I am the dumbass that left it. Thank God I live in podunk Wisconsin where people are still fairly honest - if for no other reason to save my from myself!!

And thank heavens for for the generous soul who saw my bag and thought to return it rather than see what it could yield.

Does think this means my karma is a-okay?? Or do I owe the karma gods big??

I think I will hedge my bets.... And try to lower my heart rate.