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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

'Round and 'round and 'round she goes....

Where she stops? Nobody knows... And now she is so dizzy she can barely remember where she's been...

Still no winners in the Great House Hunt of 2007..

WxMan and I spent a healthy part of the day viewing properties with our realtor.
  • The first one was okay - plenty of square footage, nice looking place, but it need to be fenced, the backyard was a bit of a "bowl", and the Family room would in no way accommodate the type of TV and surround sound WxMan really wants. Oh - and the entire interior of the house was baby blue. That didn't help either.
  • The next house had great location (though out in the boonies), and the upper level was extremely well decorated, flowed well, fireplace, had lots of kitchen upgrades and a great deck. Nice sized bedrooms, and a fairly good sized fenced yard but the Family Room in the lower level was tiny, and along one of the outer walls had damp carpet that extended from corner to corner and peaked about 2 feet into the room. Uh.... no.
  • The third house? Well, lets just say NO. No, no, no. For one thing, the interior was done in baby pinks and seafoam green throughout, the carpet was shot, the deck had dry rot issues (and dog poo everywhere), and not only were the lower levels unfinished - they looked like they had been layed out by a blind guy. On acid. And rollerskates. No.

After that, she handed us a bunch of *other* listings, and asked us to make some drive-bys and see if there was anything we thought we'd like to look into further. Two hours (and a yummy lunch) later we were home.

I love my goofy little house. I just wish it wasn't so... little.

Bleh - and now if I can just wrap my brain around what we have seen I'll be alright. I am formulating a new organizational system to at least *try* to keep me sane.
  • Has EVERYTHING! At least 4 bedrooms, nice family room (in addition to the living room), eat in kitchen, and fenced back yard...
  • Dang near everything: Has all of the bed rooms and square footage that we want, it just needs fencing.
  • Has great potential: Meaning that the yard and upper level are great, the lower level/family room needs to be finished.
  • Has good potential - LL not complete, lot not fenced, weird location or interior rooms...meaning it's got more issues than I want to address. Thanks for playin' - you're off the list.

I dunno - and I get carsick and confused when we are looking. But that is probably just the nature of the game, eh? But I will *not* lose hope!! We did see a few good ones today... Now I just have to remember where in the heck they were...