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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Good Friends, Good Food, and a Good Time

And some of the worst wine ever...

What more could you ask for??

Well, a winning lotto ticket, maybe. But hey - it was still all good.

We had a blast Sunday night ringing in the new year. 'Course WxMan *had* to have a few fireworks to light as 2006 became 2007. You know, we have to keep the neighbors duly irritated with us... Heh. Not that we made much noise. But it's the thought that counts, right?

Akshun and Mrs. J joined us for the festivities. I, as always, made waaaaay too much food. Hot wings and stuffed mushrooms, spinach dip and grilled shrimp, Cheese cake and cheese and crackers. And paninis - always paninis. Mmmmm.....

A few little gifties were exchanged which led to tasting the worst wine ever. Raspberry Heritage. Gah. And folks, I have tasted many many wines over the course of my life. For a solid 5+ years wine tasting was a pretty significant part of my job.

This stuff redefined swill. Our very best descriptions ranged from bottled and distilled rotten raspberries and thinned out NyQuil. (Though I think that was an insult to the flavor of NyQuil.) I actually poured it out - something I am at loath do do, ever - and apologized to Akshun for abusing his palette. The "wine" smelled like carpet, for heavens sake!

And the really bad news? I was the one who purchased the stuff thinking it would be fun! AkshunJ is known for liking to experiment with spirits... I would have been much better off asking Contagion for some of his Glogg. Much tastier stuff I am sure.

And lucky AkshunJ - he had another bottle of Blackberry Wine to take home! I am such a good friend...

Anyway, we also had an opportunity to watch a really good movie - The Inside Man. I had never even seen any press about it and I was on the edge of my seat all the way through! One of those endings that you feel really good about - and I love Denzel Washington, so that was all worthwhile.

Afterwards we played Scene It Squabble. Gotta love a game that so effectively pits Mars and Venus against each other. Heh. And WxMan and I tend to take no prisoners when we play.

We watched the ball drop twice, kissed at the stroke of midnight central time, and we were all a bit sad at how infirm Dick Clark seemed. It's the end of an age... (I'm sorry - Ryan Seacrest just doesn't have the class or panache, in my humble opinion. Just sayin'...)

New Years Day was just quiet. Blissfully restful. Just what we all needed. If Oklahoma had managed to win the farookin' game, it would have been perfect! But you can't have everything, I guess. Miraculously WxMan's chair has survived another football season... It will be retired, though, before the next one - so help me.

So that was my new years. I'm pretty happy with it... It was a good way to begin 2007, I think. How was yours?