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Sunday, April 02, 2006

I'd like to make a deposit, please...

So that happy day of the year has arrived once again where we all get to lose an hour, for no good reason. (With exception for our fine friends in Arizona -- the only people sane enough not to play. Lucky you!)

For the rest of us, today marks the beginning of daylight savings time. What I want to know, is where all the daylight we are supposedly saving is stored?? And who gets to use it?? Because I'll tell you what. To me, practicing "daylight savings" makes about as much sense as a man trying to make himself taller by cutting off his head and standing on it. Yeah, that's the ticket! Not.

Nothing like having a whole day where you wake up feeling behind and you have the potential to either inadvertently be late to work,
"Whaddya mean it's 9:00???" Looking at your watch... "I left the house at 7:45!"
or walking into church right as they are finishing up communion. Nice. Real nice.

For me, it means driving to work in pitch blackness again. Oh joy. Glad I got to see a sunrise or two... no more for me. And just generally feeling off. Off kilter, off my game, off line, whatever.

And yes, admittedly I enjoy falling back more than springing forward, so sue me. But either way it's an adjustment. I mean I know it's only an hour but my whole sense of time is screwed up for probably two weeks! Until my brain and body synch up again, I will be constantly mentally telling myself what time it "really" is, and feeling disconcerted that I am not tired at 9pm like normal, or ready to start dinner at 4:00 (hello, 'cuz it's really 3:00...) It's just stupid.

And this year as an added bonus, daylight savings arrives at the tail end of Spring Break. So after the girls have had a nice week of sleeping in, and having a restful schedule, they get to go to school an hour earlier (technically) tomorrow. Nice planning, people. Nice.

So anyway, it's almost 9:00. Breakfast isn't ready and I'm running late... Poo.