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Friday, April 28, 2006

Holding down the fort....

Yup. That's me.

While a whole bunch of other folks are off to attend a HUGE blogmeet in Austin, TX. I will be here. Holding down my little corner of the blogosphere.

It seems like everybody is taking a little vacation right about now! Contagion and Ktreva are off to spend the weekend at the Gathering at Macktown reenactment.

VW over at One Happy Dog Speaks has asked me to guest post since she will be spending the next five days between the Magic Kingdom and (my favorite) Sea World.

Oddybobo's in Austin, Eric's in Austin, Bou's in Austin, T1G, Dash, Leslie, all in Austin. Shoot. I wanna be in Austin too...

So here I'll be, holding down my little corner and along with Sticks, keeping an eye on VW's place. (Hey! You know where she keeps the corkscrew, Sticks? I'm gonna need one...)

Ah well. I guess somebody's got to keep the home fires burning. I've got a good book, a comfy chair, the liquor cabinet is stocked... It's all good, right? Right.

Still.... I hear Texas is beautiful in the springtime... **sniff**