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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Waking those brain cells early...

Only because I have a bajillion errands to run today...

Find the anagrammed alternates to each of the following words.
  • Tribes (2 words)
  • Unable (2 words)
  • Treads (3 words)


See, I told you the calendar was stuck on word problems! Okay, as always answers to follow in the comments...

Update: Wow! We have multiple winners today! First up is Tige from Blue Tige who gave us biters and daters (an interesting combination there...); next was Raging Mom from The Splatter Zone who contributed bestir, nebula, and stared; and rounding out the winners is Taleena from Sun Comprehending Glass with unbale and trades.

Honorable mention to bigdocmcd for giving us bister (definition: a water soluble, yellowish brown pigment) and derats (a valid word according to And extra points to Taleena for adding brites. :)

You all deserve a smartypants sticker! Thanks to Harvey, here you go!