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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More fun with words...

First up, Palindrome Pals... [A palindrome is a word, sentence or group of words that reads the same backward and forward.]

When the mother of the palindrome twins wanted to call them, she would shout:
"Come here, O_ _ _ and B_ _ , and bring P_ _. I need him too."


Next we have this little bit of metamorphosis:

1) Add a "T" to a word that means "precipitation" to find a means of transportation.

2) Add a "T" to a word that means "question" to find a chore.


Quick and easy -- perfect for fat Tuesday... As always, answers to follow in the comments.

Update: We have a smartypants duo! First, Rachel from Pereiraville was all over the metamorphosis and then Raging Mom from The Splatter Zone covered the palindromes! Whoohoo! Thanks for playin' ladies! ::tosses beads::